The new hit single

Let me tell you a story!
Once upon a time, a child was born.
This child was a boy, but what a boy.
When he was 21 years old, the whole world knew who he was.
He was a star, and out of the star became a king.
Like everybody else the king died, but before he died, he once more,
made a new hit single, hit single…(fade)

He was just a young, young man,
but his name was known in nearly every land,
known around the young peoples world.
Just another rockstar or a king was born.
And all the girls were going wild,
when he was singing out to every grown-up and child,
moving his legs around the stage.
Not another rockstar, no, the king was born.

And all that he did, was just to be.
Singing songs for you and me.
And at Graceland he will stay,
the place where he is laying today.
But from rock to christmas jingle
from time to time
he were making to us
a new hit single.

On movie-screens and all around
live on stage, no it couldn’t
allways hold him to the ground.
In ’77 he past away.
He was a rockstar
and he was the king.

And all that he did….

© Skumfod

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